Brake Function

Depending on the type of brakes, you’ll want to make sure they function properly. Rubber brake pads dry out, it’s generally a good idea to replace them. A pair of pads will run $7 and up, you’ll need two pairs. If the bike has disc brakes ensure that the rotors are not bent. If the disc brakes are cable actuated check the spring return on the calipers. If the disc brakes are hydraulic ensure they grab and release.

If the brakes are not hydraulic and don’t release this is generally an indication of weak return springs, mis-adjustment or sticky cables/housing. I generally always assume I’m replacing all the cable and housing, especially on older bikes where the cables were galvanized, not stainless steel and can rust inside the housing.

If the bike has rim brakes that mount on brake posts (vbrake, cantilever, roller cam or ubrake), make sure you inspect the posts to make sure there are no cracks around them.